Juvylin and Lance Lomako launch the Philippines First Smart Interactive CCTV through Provizion Solutions Inc.

Once again the Provizion Solutions Inc has added a new state of the art technology to their existing arsenal of products.

Imagine a 360 degree camera that you can view with an application from your smart phone.  Mr and Mrs Lomako developed a new technology that is an intelligent CCTV system that can help protect your Home or Business with a single camera.

Install the camera in the center of a large room and you can now view circular 360 degrees by simply connecting to your Smart Phone and you can easily scroll around your house with the touch of a button.  High Definition 2.0 Mega Pixel Resolution sets the standards for the industry at 1080p.

With this new development product, Provizion PH aims to become the leader in the Philippines technology security sector. This new insight technology will save people money by only needing 1 camera instead of 4 or 5 to see clearly around an area.  No PTZ needed, no special monitor. It is Plug and Play technology.

CCTV Philippines Best Camera

To find out more about this exciting new product, visit the company website at http://www.provizionph.com/

Call the Manila office at +63 02 219-6737    +63  9275582554

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